Meet the Wildlife Crime Protected, Report Here!

Communities can now report crimes to protected animals through applications. Criminal Investigation Police launched the Protected Wildlife e-Reporting application to facilitate it.

“This is an exciting moment because it can facilitate all parties in the provision of information so that we can more quickly access information related to (crime) of protected animals,” said Kasubdit I Director of Criminal Acts (Dirtipidter) Bareskrim Police Bareskrim Police, Kombes Adi Karya Tobing after launching of application in Building KKP, Police Criminal Investigation, Jalan Merdeka Timur.

Adi said that people have been faced with access to reporting crimes against protected animals. Not infrequently also the public was forced to use the services of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) for rapid reporting to the ears of the police.

“Because the access to the police is a bit difficult so they (report) from a new NGO to the police.We broke it up.With this e-reporting people can contact it and we are not and we can immediately respond quickly,” said Adi.

In a downloadable application in this playstore, the complainant is required to provide chronological events by attaching early evidence in the form of photographs, videos and locations that can be justified. After that the report will go to the police data to be followed up.

“Furthermore, the information that has been analyzed and verified by the administrator will be displayed to the informer will be given the code of information in order to facilitate the checking of the follow-up information that has been given,” said Adi.

Some examples of crimes against protected animals are trade, smuggling, violence, and torture.

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