Early in the summer of 2001 I had a life changing experience. I went to Virginia to watch a man named Dr. Regan Golob work on horses energetically. He was doing wonders for them. His work enables him to identify and locate discomfort in the horse. Through energy work and nutrition changes he re-balances the animal for optimum performance and comfort. His friend and associate Judy Sinner, taught me about nutrition in a way that has changed my eating experience forever, in a positive way.

I knew that the information that these two had was the missing piece in my work. It has been very frustrating for me to be able to find where the horse was in pain but not have the tools to help them. A few weeks later I got myself to Seattle, Washington to take his course. I flew away with a certification in Bio Energy Analysis, Nutritional and Lameness reflex points, Myofascial Lymph Work and Equine Accupressure.

Using this work in conjunction with the communication process that I already use, has provided some incredible results.

Horses that could not put on weight are now strong and glowing
Hyperactive, nervous animals/people are calmer
Dogs have had their skin clear up and nervous habits reduced/eliminated
Although I do believe in magic, that is not what this is. I have simply learned how to ask the body what it needs and it tells me.