Seminar Information page
Two day workshops are scheduled on an as
requested basis.

If your barn is interested in hosting a workshop,

I will come to you!

Maximum of 8
students per class!

6 Month Apprenticeship Programs also available.
See below for an outline.

2 Day Workshop Course description:

Day 1

*getting in touch with your energy and others
*finding the source of your inner wisdom
*connecting with and trusting your inner knowing (intuition)

Day 2

*reading the energy centers
*reading auras
*moving energy
*learning how to listen
You will walk away from the two days with the ability to understand your animal (and other people) with clarity.

Course fee is $400.00 per person, lodging cost is additional if required. Minimum number of students per class is three. Dates are arranged when a group is formed.

6 Month Apprenticeship Program description:

6 Month program meets 2 full 8 hour days a month for 6 months. Cost is $2400.00 if 50% is paid prior to classes starting with balance due prior to 3rd class. If on a payment plan, each 2 day session will cost $450.00

Here is an outline of some of the topics covered. Classes will be as follows (subject to change due to class interest/experience):

First Session: – Spiritual
Suggested Reading – Barbara Brennan “Hands of Light”
Suggested Purchase prior to class – Communication Kit (dowsing rods, Charts, pendulum, video) $50.00
Day 1 – Dowsing methods, energy movement and muscle testing for humans and horses
Day 2 – Charkra reading, Aura reading for humans, horses and dogs

Second Session – Knowing the body/using the internal and external eye/basic safety
Suggested Reading – Peter Goody “Horse Anatomy”
Day 1 – Basic ground work, anatomy conformation
Day 2 – Hoof structure, teeth, saddle fit

Third Session – Nutritional Evaluations
Suggested Reading – Dr. Ted Mortor “Your Health Your Choice”
Day 1 – Dynamite product review, Nutrition points – human and horse
Day 2 – feeding boo boo’s human, horse and hound, practice using the points

Fourth Session – Body work for Horses, Humans and Hounds
Day 1 – Defense physiology for the human, energy points on the horse, practice
Day 2 – stretches, alignments, facial features
Fifth Session – Essential Oils
Suggested Reading – Essential Science Publishing “Essential Oils Desk Reference”
Day 1 – Essential 7, blend review, raindrop for horses and dogs
Day 2 – Raindrop for humans, vitaflex, product information
Sixth Session – Various Body Techniques
Suggested Reading – Nancy Zidonis “Equine Acupressure”
Day 1 – Acupressure meridans, laser light therapy, equasonic therapy, head trauma therapy
Day 2 – Myofacial therapy, Bach Flower therapy

If you are interested in hosting or attending a workshop,
or becoming an apprentice, contact Jane at her information below.